Reworked Swain, fan art.

Swain as depicted by HolyElfGirl.

Swain personifies a good balance between tankiness and damage at the expense of mobility.  He generally builds items that make him tankier so he can survive long enough to set off his R.  His ult mechanic can work very similarly to that of Morgana or Fiddles, albeit with less urgency and more leeway due to how tanky he is.  During his ult, he becomes a high-profile target who will draw the fire of enemies, and Zhonyas is designed to make him immune from this.  Linadry’s Torment will allow him to inflict increasing damage over time.  Swain is a damage-over-time mage that can be played mid or top.  His butter and bread ability is his Q, while much of his itemization is built around his ultimate. Continue reading >>