Supanova 2018

Cassius Sonoda

by Cassius Sonoda

YouTuber, blogger, PC hardware seller, and PC gamer.

As the chill of winter descended upon Sydney, this weekend proved to be a busy one with people variously scrambling over to Supanova and/or the adult expedition.

I wasn’t going to go to Supernova this year, but gave in at the last minute.  So I won’t be modelling a costume this time!  But I’ve returned from the field with a bit of inspiration for a new blog entry.  (This is a multi-authored blog by the way, so you’re invited to contribute if you’re a cosplayer or anime enthusiast reading this.)

Sam Cameron as Harley Quinn and Phoenix Rai Wonder Woman
Costume credits: Sam Cameron as Harley Quinn and Phoenix Rai as Wonder Woman.

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springreformed, oh others are “disabled” are they? What does that make you?

Cassius Sonoda

by Cassius Sonoda

YouTuber, blogger, PC hardware seller, and PC gamer.

Just a shout out to springreformed of OCE. You want to be toxic, you can be a toxic little tantrum kid for the world to see:

Irrationally selfish to the detriment of his team and himself, at full build, he takes all CS for himself in the presence of his CS-starved allies, shreding minions with his Statikk Shiv and full crit build even when his team mates are in dire need of the gold to finish their builds. Which of course, comes back to bite him when his team loses.

Let’s see by your own standards, how do you measure up? Nice history Draven. You can call others “disabled” in game chat all you want but what does that make you? A self-destructive kid who keeps hitting his head against the wall and expecting a different outcome each time? Keep on losing, mate. And keep on demonstrating your own intellectual handicap for others to see whilst projecting on others when you name-call.

Fortnite’s new Battle Royale Mode: Infinity Gauntlet


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