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3 Free Card Packs to Celebrate 2018 Hearthstone Championship Tour

Cassius Sonoda

by Cassius Sonoda

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Free UnGoro card pack

Log in between Jan. 18-19 2018 to redeem a free Un’Goro card pack, compliments of Blizzard, in celebration of the 2018 Hearthstone Championship Tour.  Two more packs have been flagged for the coming days of the tournament.

In celebration of the 2018 world Hearthstone Championship Tour, Blizzard has granted all players a free Un’Goro card pack. All that is needed to claim it is to log in within the promotional period (Jan. 18-19 2018).

According to Dot Esports (18 Jan 2018), two more are too follow in succession over the remaining days of the tournament:

On Saturday players will be given a Knights of the Frozen Throne pack, with a pack from the newest expansion Kobolds and Catacombs on offer during the Sunday finale.

Recently, Blizzard gifted players 3 complimentary Kobolds and Catacombs card packs to mark the release of the expansion, featuring a dungeon run game mode, and last year, another 3 free card packs went out to celebrate Hearthstone’s 70-million-player milestone.  Evidently Blizzard likes to release freebies in lots of threes!

Update, 21 Jan 2018: I have now been able to redeem the Knights of the Frozen Throne card pack from Blizzard.

Edit, 21 Jan 2018: Tip – If the card pack does not show, it may be necessary to re-log in.  This fixed the problem for me.

Update, 22 Jan 2018: I have now been able to redeem the Kobolds and Catacombs card pack from Blizzard.  This completes the HCT promotional giveaway set.

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