Cassius’ Inting and Griefing List (League of Legends)

Cassius Sonoda

by Cassius Sonoda

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It’s official: I’m starting an inting/griefing list for League of Legends (OCE only for now).  I figure I’d do the League community a favour.  The starting of such a list will probably go a way towards discouraging this kind of toxic behaviour, and will give me the clout to make players reconsider their actions or reform their behaviour in games.

In every other sport, the display of unsportsmanlike behaviour is spotlighted, frowned on by commentators, the media, and onlookers. I am all three with respect to online multiplayer PC gaming – a commentator, a media channel and an onlooker in the games that I participate in or spectate.

Inters and griefers need to remember they are doing this in the public domain and they are being observed, on stream, in videos, and so forth.

In every instance on the inting and griefing list, I will upload a video or relevant evidence so you can you judge for yourself.  The intention of griefers and intentional feeders is usually very obvious, and often clearly stated.  Behaviours are also usually very stereotyped, such as “running it down mid”, or other irregular patterns of behaviour such as going into a lane that was not assigned to them.

As always, intention matters. A player who dies repeatedly because of incompetence may have the same score as an intentional feeder. The critical difference here is one of intention/motivation, often stated. Also, the in-game actions and movements of an inter or griefer often makes their intentions clear and unmistakable.

We also ought to distinguish between targeted and non-targeted swearing:

“Can you stop f**king charging in without the rest of the team!  Wtf was that?”

(not ideal; colourful language, but tolerable) versus

“You f**king retard – go kill yourself!  You sh*t c*nt!”


The first example has a rhetorical and venting function, the second is clearly malicious.  Directives to inflict self harm, commit suicide or degrading sexual acts fall clearly into this category.

Constructive criticism towards other players is obviously fine; you’re allowed to question people’s in-game judgements, and be critical – it’s how you do it. You can say something was unwise – stupid even – but the moment you cross the line to verbally abuse others, that’s when you’ve got a problem.

In some instances, mobbing behaviour may also constitute a form of collaborative toxicity – for example using one team mate as a scapegoat, and unrelentingly bullying that individual by weight of numbers.

Getting off the list

In many instances, if the griefer’s quarrel with another was understandable, I’ll even offer a chance to let them off the hook. But if they persist with the behaviour in game and show a lack of remorse, then they’ve earnt their place on the list and the only way they can get off it, is if they upload an apology and commitment not to re-offend onto YouTube, which I have to see and be convinced of the sincerity of (the video can be privately listed).

In the video, their face must be visible, they must show desktop recording evidence that they have access to their account (by showing a recording of them logging into the account and displaying their profile).  They should ensure their login details are censored as I do not need or want to see these – by default the password field is masked with asterisks anyhow.

(If the offence was minor, then I’ll consider erasing the entry in a year’s time.  But re-offenders, racial epithets, and threats of violence, implied or direct, definitely do not fall under the scope of this amnesty.)


To anyone on the list: go ahead and troll and –  grief on, man.  See if I care.  I care to the extent that I’ve done my part to address the problem of toxicity.  You honestly think I’d be in the business of blogging and online media if I couldn’t handle trolling?  You think you’re the first troll or griefer I’ve dealt with?  It’s your own time you’re wasting. If you use fake emails to contact me, the email validation system in place ensures your messages will never see the daylight. Griefers in the past have given our web devs and admins something to laugh about, as I’m told some attempts to troll using fake emails were caught by our email validation system. Congratulations on wasting your time.

Mobbing is not endorsed

I don’t endorse mobbing the offenders.  The purpose of this list is to spotlight anti-social and abusive in-game behaviour.  These people also have rights, and I don’t encourage or condone mobbing them, even though they can simply ignore in-game stranger requests, which is why I’m not concerned.  The purpose of this list is to promote awareness of the endemic toxicity crisis in League and hold people accountable for their abusive behaviour.

Cassius’ Inting and Griefing List (League of Legends)

So without further ado, congratulations to our first qualifier for the int list: C9sneakyyy (OCE).  A dishonorable mention goes to jimao233 (OCE).  Note that the list currently includes players on Oceanic server (OCE) only.

Summoner Name (Champion)DateOffencesFootage and screenshot evidenceOther Notes
(as Caitlyn)
04.01.18Against own team:
Trolling, griefing, intentional feeding, AFKing.

Taking on dragon at level 1.

Intentionally conceding a kill.

Refusing to play yet vetoing the FF at 15. This is a particularly egregious offence as they want others to suffer.

ADC leaving allocated bot lane to go mid.
Player was given a chance to reform themselves in game and be spared a mention on the Int List, but was entirely unrepentant.

Player is obviously not the C9 Sneaky of Worlds fame.
(as Kayle)
04.01.18Against other team:
Hounding another player after the game, verbal abuse and denigrating remarks.
Hounding and verbal abuse.Alleged smurf gloating about their superiority, and putting down others to such extremities so as to make one question if they have NPD (narcissistic personality disorder).
(as Blitzcrank)
03.01.18Against own team:
Griefing, threats of intentional feeding.
As described previously (screenshots included).Player was originally intent on playing as Riven until another player banned his pick.
Old Drivers
(as Yasuo)
09.01.18Against own team:
Trolling, griefing, intentional feeding, AFKing.
Trolling and inting, AFKing.Purposely moved his character to avoid LeaverBuster, but remained in the game to troll, int and stand there idly.
(as Cho'Gath)
31.01.18Against own team: Rage quitting in a ranked game.Rage quitting.This happened in the broader context of Cho's ongoing rage against our jungler.
Swole IsThe Goal
(as Ezreal)
09.02.18Against own team: Rage quitting in a ranked game. Endless barrage of verbal abuse at team.Stating his desire to lose out of spite.

Here clearly shown stating his intention to leave the game.

The act of rage quitting.
Toxic behaviour amplified by his sense of impunity, "I'm hoping to get banned" he retorts. The team had a clear shot at victory with two enemy inhibitors open and he rage quits for selfish personal reasons.
(as Shaco)
11.02.18Against own team: Trolling, intentional feeding and verbal toxicityTrolling, intentional feeding and toxic remarks.

His team is shown here pleading against his intentional feeding. The death announcement from his inting, as well as signal missings - commonly used in League in to express disbelief or question others' behaviour - are also shown coincident to his team mates' pleads.

Immediately after, he is seen tacitly admitting to inting by contriving an excuse for it.
(as Vi)
11.02.18Against own team:
Racial slurs - "c**n" is a highly offensive denigrating term against indigenous Australians in this country and if you want to espouse that kind of hatred, let the world see you for what you are.
Racial slurs.Racial slurs - the lowest, scummiest order of behaviour.
NBG Myth
(as Morgana)
24.02.18Against own team:
Racial slurs, reference to real-life address, implied real-life threats.
Racial abuse

Implying real-life threats
Most people understand the threatening implication of someone alleging that they know or can find out where you live. I have to hand it to this player - implying real-life threats? Really? Do I have to file a police report so this appears on record? This is a new low - and next to racial slurs too.
THC Mcgee
(as Rakan)
10.03.18Against own team:
Verbal abuse.
Verbal abuse
(as Blitz)
14.03.18Against own team:
Verbal abuse.
Verbal abuse
(As Kat)
16.03.18Against own team:
Verbal abuse.
Verbal abuse
UNSW HongKong
(as Jhin)
17.03.18Against own team:
Verbal abuse.
Verbal abuseBringing disrepute to the illustrious institution of UNSW by daring to behave disgracefully whilst bearing the affiliation in your summoner's name.
L Dragon31
(as Jinx)
09.04.18Against own team:
Verbal abuse.
Verbal abuse
(as Nocturne)
10.07.18Against own team:
Threatening to AFK, verbal abuse.
(as Heimerdinger)
12.08.18Against own team: Disrespecting lane assignments and taking another's lane without asking; verbal abuse.

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  1. I’m sure I’ve played with that guy jimao233 before. If it’s the same guy – that some toxic af individual with a ginormous ego; compulsive bragger right? Sounds just like the guy I’m thinkin’ of. People like that have no sense of humility or shame, and don’t realise they are a huge embarrassment to themselves.

  2. Old Drivers who died a couple of times in his lane then instantly proceeded to look for other people to blame for his mistakes. Once he realised his argument had no foundation he went afk. He eventually got bored of walking around in fountain and proceeded to intentionally feed.

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