Getting One-shot for 25 damage: The Holy Wrath of a Molten Giant

Cassius Sonoda

by Cassius Sonoda

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One shot
Being one-shot for 25 damage.

This dirty Paladin tactic isn’t new, but it’s still mind-blowing when one encounters it, as I did in one casual game, which appeared to be going suspiciously well for me until my opponent drew Holy Wrath and one-shot my Rogue for 25 health.

The standard way to pull off this trick involves the use of Hemet, Jungle Hunter, which drastically improves the odds of drawing the cards you need by removing all 3-cost cards from your deck.  If your deck is specially built for this trick, you can almost guarantee the draw you need (- both Holy Wrath and Molten Giant have a cost greater than 3).  The guarantee comes after drawing Hemet, Jungle Hunter of course, which itself is not guaranteed.

The ingredients needed for this scummy tactic:

So all-in-all, 3 cards are realistically needed to pull this trick: Hemet, Jungle HunterHoly Wrath and Molten Giant, with a card like Pint-Sized Summoner being helpful, but not necessary, to expedite the killing blow.  I say “realistically” because in theory, you don’t even need Hemet, Jungle Hunter if you are exceedingly lucky to draw both Holy Wrath and Molten Giant without his help, but in realistic terms, you do.

Under ideal conditions, you can deliver your one-shot by about Turn 6-ish (in the video soon to be uploaded here, I lost to this play on Turn 7).  Let’s see how this would play out.

Suppose you got a starting hand that includes Holy WrathPint-Sized Summoner,  and Hemet, Jungle Hunter.  Yeah, not likely, but for illustration purposes.

Turn 5: Play Pint-Sized Summoner

(- ideally under taunt cover and/or Argent Protector/Hand of Protection’s divinity shield, because she is a high-priority target that is easily removed)

Turn 6: play Hemet, Jungle Hunter for only 1 cost thanks to Pint-Sized Summoner, and immediately follow up with Holy Wrath for the Molten Giant draw.  Your deck compilation should guarantee you will draw Molten Giant if it was filled with 3-or-less value cards.

And that’s GG on Turn 6.

(You can in fact complete all of the actions above one turn earlier if you started the game with The Coin – so it becomes GG on Turn 5.)

Realistically, you’re not going to get all the needed cards without help.  So to help this strategy along, take lots of cards which allow you to draw, such as Blessing of Wisdom in conjunction with Windfury-endowed minions such as [Young Dragon Hawk] to proc draws as often as possible.

  1. Make use of the mage’s Ice Block, or other sources of hero immunity, e.g. Kobold Monk.
  2. Removing Pint-Sized Summoner can delay the Molten Giant-Holy Wrath tactic.
  3. Try to end the game as quickly as possible if you feel a Molten Giant-Holy Wrath coming on.
  4. Your best counter is the fact that as a cheap one-shot strategy, Molten Giant-Holy Wrath is not reliable, as you’re not guaranteed to draw Hemet, Jungle Hunter.  Also, if your opponent is filling their deck with 3-cost cards, just for the sake of a gimmick, then he’d better hope he draws the right cards or he’s going to be punished hard.

(Video to be uploaded here soon.)

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