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League players have no right to be toxic whilst bearing their university affiliation
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Cassius Sonoda

by Cassius Sonoda

YouTuber, blogger, channel founder, and PC gamer.

I have enormous respect towards universities, so if you’re going to bear that affiliation in your summoner’s name and behave disgracefully in games, you can do so publicly so everyone can see.  Whether it is your university or not, this is an especially egregious offence in toxicity and is a double whammy in my book:



UNSW HongKong (OCE) – you do not have the bleeding right to bring disrepute to your university.  As a privileged member and putative leader of society you have a moral responsibility to uphold.  How dare you besmirch your university’s image.  What a jerk.  If you’re going to be toxic, do it in your own name.

UNSW HongKong (OCE) joins the inting and griefing list.

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