H = Host; gP = guest Presenter

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ProgramPresenter(s)FormatContentProduction Status
Teach MeH: Cassius Sonoda;
gP: Keagan B.
YouTube videoGuest presenter Keagan walks an inexperienced Cassius through a different game each episode. In certain episodes the roles are reversed.Active

ep. 1 - Factorio (pt. 1)
Ashen Girl UniversalTBACrowd-funded competitionSeeking the 2018 winner of Ashen Girl Universal, a crowd-funded competition to identify 12 gaming girls from 12 different countries, among whom one is crowned Ashen Girl Universal.Under discussion; implementation depends on crowd funding targets being met.
The International Gamer ChallengeH: Cassius SonodaYouTube video w/ supporting blog materialCassie interviews and plays a game with a gamer from every country in the world. Counting down from 193 countries. Active
4X with CassieCassius SonodaYouTube video w/ supporting blog materialIn this unstructured series, Cassius commentates on playthroughs of various 4X games.Active
An AGG GuideWilliam D., others TBAYouTube video w/ supporting blog materialVarious presenters offer guidance on how to play a game, or a specific character or facet in the game.Active
Dev ScoopTBAA news feed on our blog platform.We break news about the latest games as they approach release date. Where opportune, we provide interviews with developers.TBA
Cassius Sonoda,
William D.,
Keagan B.
YouTube video, blog entriesThis describes an unstructured assortment of videos and blog entries that do not belong to a larger program.Active
AGG ForumsN/AOnline gaming forumsAn affiliated range of non-official gaming forums hosted by AGG. Designed to be mobile-friendly.Active
AGG Inting and Griefing List for League of LegendsN/AWebsiteOnline facility for uploading evidence and publicly listing inters and griefers. Moderated by the player community, based on a voting system.Under discussion; implementation depends on crowd funding targets being met.
Assemble eSports team Ashen Glow GamingN/AeSports teamFound an eSports teamUnder discussion; implementation depends on obtaining sufficient sponsorship.