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Sick of League players projecting their lack of situational awareness onto others…
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Cassius Sonoda

by Cassius Sonoda

YouTuber, blogger, channel founder, and PC gamer.

Sick and tired of toxic players leveling demonstrably false slander against other players to cover for the blunders of themselves and their friends.

Just about everything these players grieve about is downright unreasonable, and I could go through one-by-one debunking every delusional grievance with screenshots that show just how gratuitous their demands and protestations were:

How about YOU, Santino (OCE), and company, pay attention to peoples’ pings and back up in lane rather than overextending, getting yourself killed and then blaming others?

You had no idea where their jungler was, let alone my laning opponent – so you want to explain why you were overextended anyway?

Position of enemy Malzahar: unknown – MIA pinged – manifestly so on the map. Position of enemy jungler: unknown. Position of Santino (OCE): overextended in bot lane. Never mind that I pinged for my lane – you didn’t know where their jungler was, so on that basis alone you shouldn’t have have been so overextended.  Warding is nice in this situation but you’re so far overextended that it’s irrelevant.

Lo-and-behold they’ve both shown up to your lane.  And you are caught overextended and die.

Santino (OCE) has been slain.

But somehow you have the gall to blame me after myself and another laner pinged MIA a combined seven goddam times:

How many pings does it take to impress upon you that you are out of position?  I pinged numerous times to emphasise Malz was MIA and that I had no way to know where he was.  Contrary to what you say, there was no goddam clear course of action for me, as you assert, since I could not have known where he was at the time. Which actually makes it dangerous for me to wander through fog of war.

This kid.  So many reasons [for not doing such and such].

Satino (OCE)

Yes, as you rightly point out, I have many reasons for not doing all the things you prescribe.  I hope you get it through your thick skull that I did indeed have very good reasons for:

  1. What?  You mean not following an MIA whose whereabouts where not known at the time?  No, I’m not going to wander blindly into a fog of war as Lux without knowing Malz and their jungler’s whereabouts, Santino (OCE).  That is an imbecilic demand.  (They could be waiting for me at the next bush – if I run into them and they get the jump on me I don’t have a chance.  If I don’t run into them and it turns out they backed, then I’d sacrifice cs, xp and objectives for nothing.  If it turns out they were headed bot, there was a good chance I could not get there in time to do anything other than feed in file.  On the other hand I could stay and take objectives, and you could just back off for a while until its safe to push again.  What sounds reasonable to you?)
  2. Not rushing bot to ult: No, I could not have done that because my ult was on cool-down at the time you got ambushed.  Did you bother to check my ult timer on your end?

    Before demanding I rush bot to ult Santino (OCE), how about you check my ult timer. At the time you were ambushed, I was on cool-down and so far out of range for any other intervention that your demand just strikes me as toxicly unreasonable.

    Yet you have the nerve to call me the “moron”?  Eat the evidence and the facts before your eyes.

You saw an opportunity and you got carried away.  Let’s grant that we all make that mistake from time to time, myself included.  But if you’re going to have the toxic temperament to denigrate someone else for your oversights and errors of judgement…


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