Track-o-Bot desktop app for tracking Hearthstone match history (App Review)

Cassius Sonoda

by Cassius Sonoda

YouTuber, blogger, PC hardware seller, and PC gamer.

 track-o-bot logo
The Track-o-Bot mascot is a likeness of the Alarm-o-Bot minion from the game, in case you were wondering.

App Rating: (3 / 5) (Track-o-Bot, ver 0.9.0)

Hearthstone players should know about a handy free desktop app which allows the tracking of match results down to the individual player moves made.  Meet Track-o-Bot – an app that sits in the system tray of your desktop and collates your match results.  A user profile is automatically created the first time you run the program, and apparently it does not need the inputting details.  The app is available for Windows and Mac, and has been unofficially forked for Linux. Continue reading “Track-o-Bot desktop app for tracking Hearthstone match history (App Review)”