Hearthstone Deck Tracker: App Review

Cassius Sonoda

by Cassius Sonoda

YouTuber, blogger, PC hardware seller, and PC gamer.

Screenshot of HDT
Fig. 1 Hearthstone Deck Tracker: In-game deck tracking overlay.  Both the player and opponent’s cards are tracked.  The opponents hand is annotated to show which turn cards were drawn on, and additionally if cards were mulliganed, recalled from the board, or created.

App Rating: (4 / 5) (Hearthstone Deck Tracker, ver 1.5.11)

Hearthstone Deck Tracker (HDT) is a free Hearthstone third-party desktop accessory app for Windows and Mac, which makes use of an in-game overlay (Fig 1.) to provide real-time deck tracking.  The app also comes with a desktop interface, which provides informative profiling of decks and match and deck statistics. Continue reading “Hearthstone Deck Tracker: App Review”