Thinking about the order of the cards played (Hearthstone)

Cassius Sonoda

by Cassius Sonoda

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which order

Think about the order of the cards you play.

Examples include playing Arcane Artificer before Mirror Image, and therefore missing out on the Arcane Artificer’s armour bonus equal to the cost of each spell cast.  Or playing Shattered Sun Cleric before any other minions on the field, so that her +1/+1 battlecry goes to waste.  Or perhaps Drain Life after Ogre Magi, thus failing to take advantage of their +1 spell buff.

As Warlock, if you have 2 cards including a Succubus, play Succubus first and you won’t have to discard any cards as part of her cost as you’ll have an empty hand.

To give another example, the Rogue’s Backstab will only work on an undamaged minion, so on an undamaged enemy minion, open your attack first with Backstab, and follow up with other sources of damage.  The point is that once you damage a minion, you can’t use Backstab on that minion.

For similar strategic considerations concerning which card to summon first, see also Pre-empting a Hunter’s Snipe (Hearthstone).

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