Track-o-Bot desktop app for tracking Hearthstone match history (App Review)

Cassius Sonoda

by Cassius Sonoda

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 track-o-bot logo
The Track-o-Bot mascot is a likeness of the Alarm-o-Bot minion from the game, in case you were wondering.

App Rating: (3 / 5) (Track-o-Bot, ver 0.9.0)

Hearthstone players should know about a handy free desktop app which allows the tracking of match results down to the individual player moves made.  Meet Track-o-Bot – an app that sits in the system tray of your desktop and collates your match results.  A user profile is automatically created the first time you run the program, and apparently it does not need the inputting details.  The app is available for Windows and Mac, and has been unofficially forked for Linux.

(There is also an offshoot version that can be deployed on mobile devices, for those who like to hit the Hearthstone card tables on mobile.)

On desktop, right-clicking the system tray icon and selecting Open Profile launches a fresh browser page with your match history:

Stats can also be viewed by play mode, class and deck.  Deck tracking would have been useful for those after feedback about the effectiveness of different deck compositions,  however, the precise deck makeup is not presented, and as far as I know, nor are minor deck variations accounted for.  As far as deck tracking goes, the app appears to go by stereotyped subclasses, such as “Murloc Paladin” and “Combo Priest”, without making it clear exactly how it defines each subclass:

Thus, unfortunately, the usability of Track-o-Bot is diminished by poor accounting for deck makeup.  Players will be interested to know the difference that minor variations to their decks made, and surely, such a function is not beyond the programming know-how of the developer, considering individual players’ moves are already tracked.  (Granted, the unknowns of the opponents unplayed cards might have to remain unknown.)

It ought to be possible to compare two alternative decks a player has used in the past and to see how modifying the deck has affected their outcomes.  A system of deck versioning would be needed, and a user thoughtfully-designed user interface for the purpose, considering the sheer number of possible decks that can be had.

As of this time (14 Jan, 2018), a bug that has been noted whereupon the page loads with an error, “Rate Limit Exceeded”.  As far as the bug goes, I will post any findings and developments here, but I don’t have an answers for you as of now.

I gave this app 2.5 3/5 because of bugs that made the app unreliable at the time of review, and because of the aforementioned shortcomings of deck accounting.  Were it not for these shortcomings, I would have given the app a 4.5-5.  I’m hopeful the developer will be able to address these shortcomings and look forward to the day when I can amend my review ratings to reflect these improvements.

Track-o-Bot can be downloaded at the official app page, here.

Edit: You may be interested to know there is a deck tracker app available to cover some of the functionalities missing from Track-o-Bot.  See my review of Hearthstone Deck Tracker (HDT) here.

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